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Shawn Borsky

A creative director and designer based in San Francisco,CA

World-Class Creative Direction with a Smile.

Hey, grab a coffee and sit down. My name is Shawn : I am a creative director and designer. Not to mention an insane coffee-lover. Coffee and Design? Heard that one before? Trust me : I am not a connoisseur, just a lover. But, you're probably here to talk about design.

A Quick Overview

I am an award-winning creative director and interactive designer with over 13 years of experience. I have a proven track-record of unwavering delivery and highly polished execution. In my broad and varied career I have solved business problems in digital user experiences, user flow, game interfaces, brand/style guides, web design and front-end development, print collateral, brand management, content strategy , website to app UI mockups, design process management and more.

I have led and mentored multiple small to medium-size design teams with a high-energy, execution-focused approach. I love to teach and mentor up and coming design talent. Throughout my career, I have contributed to and delivered hundreds of projects for dozens of world-class brands.

Many of my customers you may know. To name a few: Activision, BMW, Discovery Channel , Eli Lilly, First Round Capital, Gamebattles, HotelTonight, Major League Gaming, Stride Gum, and Royal Caribbean. I keep an up-to-date list on my LinkedIn profile if you are curious.

A Few of My Customers

A Quick History

I started young and hungry. I got my professional start in the video game industry. I got going with competitive gaming, AAA titles, moved to mobile games then branding work, dozens and dozens of freelance projects and even car interfaces. I founded an agency in Atlanta, Georgia : The Anthem Design Group. We had a great run : 6 years, 13 employees, and many many happy customers. It was a talented bunch: You will find many of my former team members at top companies like GSN, TinyCo, Zillow and Zynga. In 2011, I sold the company and moved to San Francisco to dive head-first into the fast-paced world of Silicon Valley design. I don't just work with start-ups, I'll take any challenge on! You can currently find me rocking as Design Lead, Mobile at Blizzard Entertainment.

Get in Touch

Shoot me an e-mail or LinkedIn message. Let's make something awesome.