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Eli Lilly

Cross-platform thought leaders

Easy cross-platform legal compliance.

Eli Lilly is a multi-national pharmaceutical company. You may know them better by their products which include Cialis and Prozac.

In pharmaceutical marketing, a standard method for companies to educate physicians and hospitals on the use of their drugs is through the use of expert doctor-speakers generally refered to as "thought-leaders." Eli Lilly has a network of hundreds of speakers presenting at any given time. These thought-leaders would use PowerPoint slide decks to present about their respective drugs. This was a serious liability for the legal compliance department as pharmaceutical drugs have notably high-standards for legal protection due to the risks inherent.

Me and my team at Anthem were brought in to build a cross-platform control system. This allowed the legal compliance department to both control the source of slide-decks, enable thought-leaders to present easily ( even from a non-internet connected laptop) and automatically check and update language on the decks across their thought-leaders worldwide with the click of a button.

The project employed the use of a web application and AIR presenter application.

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    Eli Lilly & Company

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    Creative Direction & Development