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Major League Gaming

The world leader in online competitive gaming

MLG is professional gaming.

Major League Gaming (MLG) is the word in professional gaming. They have professional players that make upwards of 2 million dollars in annual salary.

I was acting as the Lead Designer at when the site was acquired by MLG in 2007. If MLG is the major leagues then Gamebattles is certainly college-ball. For my 2 years at Gamebattles, I managed the design team and all creative : advertising, new arena website skins, logos, avatars and staff name it, we designed it.

After the acquisition, MLG tasked me with the dual problem of re-designing Gamebattles and working directly with the agency, Rokkan to re-design MLG's brand and main web presence. In addition to the web, I created print programs, Xbox ads, social media kits, promotions and merchandise for MLG's quintessential live-events, the Pro Circuit. The result was an extremely unified, greatly loved design that was so popular that when MLG recently re-designed Gamebattles, they maintained the original redesigns as Gamebattles Classic.

From my work with MLG, I had the privilege of working on marketing campaigns and gaining continuing work with tons of world-class brands such as Stride Gum, Dr.Pepper, the Navy, and Boost Mobile.

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    Major League Gaming

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    Creative Direction, Web Design & Branding