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You should be heard.

The platform for public opinion.

Staance is a media platform centered around people. The product addictively engages by challenging readers with polarizing assertions that can only be answered : "Agree" or "Disagree". The interface immediately visualizes the user's impact on the conversation and allows them to engage even further.

I was brought in early in the company's history as a contract creative director even before it was named Staance. I worked directly with founders, investors and the CEO to shape the brand, create the identity, lead product design and craft the vision. In my role, I collaborated with the content, engineering and social media teams to deliver an addicting new UI approach for discussion which included a desktop experience, mobile web version, an iOS app and various experiments and new features. The company and its multi-platform applications are experiencing amazing growth with more users engaging every day.

Try it out at or get the iOS app on the App Store

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    Creative Direction, Development & Branding