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A weird western RPG

A hardcore social game for gamers

Wormwood was a western turn-based RPG. It was developed by Rivet Games. The aim of the game was to appeal to more hardcore male gamers on Facebook. It had a pioneering story-based task system , classic RPG combat and a number of other great elements. While the game never made it too full release it was well-liked by early testers and had a compelling identity and approach in social gaming.

I acted as the Lead UI/UX Designer and I worked closely with the art lead to build a compelling art direction, logo, visual style and overall game tone. Me and my team built the entire interface from player flows, illustration and even writing JSON to render the layouts via the in-game engine. I personally illustrated most of the icons and game marketing materials. The team was even responsible for the game opening introduction.

  • Client

    Rivet Games

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  • Role

    Creative Direction, Games, & Branding